20 Things You Didn’t Know About Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty Relationship

20 Things You Didn't Know About Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty Relationship

Want to know more about the relationship between Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty? You came to the right place!

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If you’re as obsessed as we are about the power celebrity couple, Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty, you’re gonna love this. We dug into their most intimate moments to find some sweet, jaw dropping, and heart swelling things about the happy couple that you may not know. Here’s a hint, these two are everything to each other.

We immersed ourselves in the world of the “Descendants 2” co-stars to find some interesting things about them that you may not know. They are so in love, we are wondering if they will be able to be on screen together as rivals in “Descendants 3” without burning up the set with their chemistry. Want to know where their first date was? Did you know they have matching tattoos in real life? And will they be getting engaged? Dove dropped a little hint about that to her fans. Watch until the end to find out.

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