Dance Monkey. Tones and I. SHiNE DANCE FITNESS™

Dance Monkey. Tones and I. SHiNE DANCE FITNESS™

“They say Oh My Gah, I see the way you SHiNE…” When SHiNE is right in the lyrics, we’ve got to choreograph it, don’t ya think? We love this song by Tones and I, and we REALLY love dancing with those “Funky Monkey” knees! How about you?

Tell us your thoughts on the song “Dance Monkey” -- LOVE it or LOATHE it? Comment below!

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* The routines displayed on this channel are intended to be used for our students to work out from home and for licensed SHiNE Instructors only. The choreography is the intellectual property of SHiNE DANCE FITNESS LLC.