Rainbow Rangers Theme Song Watch Today on Nick Jr. 3p/2c Ride Rangers Ride!

Rainbow Rangers Theme Song Watch Today on Nick Jr. 3p/2c Ride Rangers Ride!

Rainbow Rangers Theme Song. Enjoy this preview. Watch Rainbow Rangers Monday-Friday on Nick Jr. at 3pm/2c. Watch exclusive videos and Free Rainbow Rangers Episode Here at Nick Jr. https://goo.gl/KaLQ8c 🦊🐗🕷️🐦🐭🐯🐉🐰🐥🐞🐸🦆🐫🐩🦖🐝🦔🐨🐿️🐷🐻🐃🐱🐵🐡

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From the director of The Lion King and the writer of Disney’s Frozen , we bring you Rainbow Rangers! Meet 7 girls with 7 powers who work together to save the Earth and its animals with their buddy, Floof, by their side. They are Earth’s first responders who ride onto @nickjr Nov. 5th and every weekday at 3/2c. #RainbowRangers

Meet Earth’s First Responders

From the creative dream team that includes Rob Minkoff (The Lion King), Shane Morris and Tim Mansfield, who co-wrote, (Disney’s Frozen), and key designs by legendary Disney designer Ruben Aquino, designer of key Disney characters from The Little Mermaid through Frozen, comes Rainbow Rangers on Nickelodeon Nick Jr.

Rainbow Rangers is an animated show for preschoolers about the thrilling adventures of seven magical girls from Kaleidoscopia, a fantastic land at the other end of the rainbow that is home to unicorns, trolls, and plenty of even more amazing creatures. The Rangers serve as protectors and defenders of the people, animals, resources, and natural beauty of our world.

The Rangers are strong, curious, funny, smart, take-charge, loving, and compassionate. But they’re not identical: each Ranger has her own personality and her own gifts, as well as her own vibrant color and individual distinctive scent.

Rainbow Rangers debuts on Nick Jr. November 5, 2018.

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